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IG16124 - Brillouin Light Scattering Spectroscopy - Biomaterial Database



Brillouin microscopy is being used for studying a continuously increasing number of different biological systems and processes, unveiling diverse medical diagnostic and prognostic applications. The measured spectra in Brillouin microscopy are highly sensitive to the sample environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity), as well as instrumental measurement parameters. As such there is a large variability and at times discrepancy in reported spectral data. A go-to database of standard spectra encompassing biological and biomedical matter is urgently needed to assure unified progress by the community as well as establishing the required quality control standards for routine medical and life science applications. The goal of this CIG is to establish a comprehensive open-access database to this end, that will serve basic research, industrial and medical applications, as well as educational purposes. This will be achieved by combining forces of the leading Brillouin microscopy labs working in biomedical sciences, and European and international standards bodies.

Action Contacts

Vice Chair

Francesca Palombo

University of Exeter

Exeter, United Kingdom

Chair, Scientific Representative

Kareem Elsayad

Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities

Vienna, Austria

COST Staff

Science Officer

Mickael Pero

COST Association

Brussels, Belgium

Administrative Officer

Svetlana Voinova

COST Association

Brussels, Belgium

Action Details

  • MoU - CA16124
  • CSO Approval date - 25/05/2021
  • Start date - 01/09/2021
  • End date - 31/10/2022