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Host the next BioBrillouin meeting

Member Area

We are currently taking applications to host the next BioBrillouin Meeting (expected date: around September 2019). If you would be interested in hosting the next meeting please fill in the form below.

Some general information:

  • The meeting will be funded by the COST Action BioBrillouin, including travel costs for a fixed number of presenters (members of Action), up to 4 invited speakers*, 1 conference dinner, as well as local organization costs which may include room rental, snacks/coffee/reception…

  • The venue should be able to accommodate up to 100 people

  • You will receive some assistance from the grant manager and core group members in the logistics of organizing the meeting and obtaining reimbursements

  • If you are not on the BioBrillouin Management Committee (MC) for your country please discuss the posiblity of hosting such a meeting with one of your respective MC members first

How the venue/location will be decided:

Applications will be assessed by the committee based on the adequacy of the infrastructure for hosting the meeting, affordability of the location and ease & affordability of international travel to the venue. They will also consider COST recommended guidelines, such as promoting events in Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC’s) in their decision making. The final decision will be voted by the BioBrillouin Management Committee (MC) on the 12th September 2018, where shortlisted venues/locations will be presented to the MC by the Action Core Group. The decision will be announced to all Action members on the 14th September 2018 at the 2nd BioBrillouin Meeting in Perugia and posted online on the BioBrillouin website shortly after.