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Clinicians Open Day

Member Area

, Perugia, Italy

About this event

Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy and microscopy offers a non-invasive all-optical means of probing the mechanical properties of samples. Recent advances in instrument design now allow for measurement at energies conducive to also studying live biological samples. The aim of this open day is to present to medical researchers and clinicians the status quo of the field in order to stimulate the exploration of potential novel applications in medical diagnostics.

  • principles of the technique and what exactly it can measure

  • current status and outlook of the technology

  • comparisons to (and differentiation from) other techniques

  • examples of applications already being pursued

The presentations, geared specifically to medical researchers and clinicians, will be given by leading researchers in the field of Brillouin spectroscopy as applied to studying bioliogical and biomedical applications, and cover:

The contained meeting will also include opportunities for networking in the form of round table sessions and networking dinner on the 14th September in beautiful downtown Perugia. There will also be an optional guided lab tour to see a Brillouin Spectrometer in action at the University of Perugia for interested participants.

Attendance is free, with meeting expenses covered by the EU COST BioBrillouin Action, for selected registered attendees. Due to the intimate venue and in order to maximize the effectiveness of networking and discussions, we will only accept applications from a limited number of applicants, and registration will be closed as soon as capacity is reached. Medical researchers and Clinicians will largely be favored in the selection process.

Travel funding

Within the framework for the EU COST Action BioBrillouin we are able to fund travel, accommodation and meals for a number of applicants from medical research backgrounds interested in attending this event.

If you are interested in receiving travel funding please be sure to describe your specific interests and motivations for wanting to attend the meeting in the field below. Notification of funding will be made on a running basis (no longer than 1 week after submission of the online form), and will be closed once funds are depleted. Selection will be made by the meeting organizers and based on maximizing the diversity of medical applications of interest together with the potential impact and feasibility of Brillouin spectroscopy for the described medical application.

We look forward to welcoming you to Perugia!
Your Organizing Team
(Stephen Malin, Peter Torok, Kareem Elsayad, Francesca Palombo, Daniele Fioretto)

Registration closed!