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Workshop on Brillouin Microscopy for Plant Mechanobiology

December 11th, Lyon, France

Brillouin microscopy has allowed many innovating studies, from single cells to tissues and live organisms. Applications to plant mechanobiology are also starting to emerge, supported by a large community within the COST action. The aim of this meeting is to identify the key challenges in plant mechanics, and discuss opportunities for using Brillouin microscopy to tackle these. This will also be a brainstorming meeting to plan the future priorities of WG2 in this direction.

The program will notably include talks by reknown researchers on “Technological opportunities for plant mechanics: Brillouin and other tools”, “Application of Brillouin microscopy in plants – strengths/weaknesses/potential” and “Experience from setting up a Brillouin microscope”


Thomas Dehoux (CNRS – Lyon) 

Thorsten Hamann (NTNU)

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